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Current Job Openings


  • Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner
  • Program Director for Nutrition
    • Description: Licensed Dietitian / Nurse Educator needed to oversee and manage the operations and nutrition program.  Must be proficient in program administration, curriculum, instruction, evaluation, budget planning, and faculty mentoring and accreditation process.  Should have strong organizational, leadership and communication skills.
  • Certified Lactation Consultant
    • Description: Lactation consultants needed to work within all realms of the lactation field.  The LC will be able to educate consumers and professionals, work with the setting up and management of breastfeeding programs and the ability to triage breast feeding problems.Certified Childbirth instructor or applicable certification preferred.
  • Childbirth Educator
    • Description: Registered nurse with at least 2 years of maternal child health or childbirth education experience who is able to perform the following a fee for service basis:
      1. Provide factual information related to childbirth for patients and their families during the child-bearing years that promote family centered care and patient satisfaction.
      2. Identify and utilize various teaching methods in creating an environment that promotes understanding of the childbirth process for the patient and family
      3. Support Girlfriends mission, vision and policies.
      4. Display commitment, punctuality and responsibility in the role of Educator.
  • Business Development Sales Intern
    • Girlfriends Health, a health education company, have partnered with Unicity International, the make life better company.  We are launching Bios Life nutritional supplements to an international market and we are looking for entrepreneurs who will be trained to manage sales and recruitment!  This position will entail researching potential Caribbean/European/South America/ American franchise owners, contacting them and following up with interested parties. The position will be open for 4 – 6 months to provide orientation and time to learn the franchise system. At the end of this time period, the salesperson will have the opportunity to become a Bios Life franchise owner.The ideal candidate should possess:
      • Great communication skills to work with customers
      • Skills in advertising and marketing
      • Leading, training, motivating and mentoring skills
      • Experience researching business ideas
      • Ability to quickly learn about the products, as well as the franchise business system

      About the product: Bio Life products are clinically proven reduce cholesterol, lower blood sugar and blood pressure, increase energy, while building immunity and promoting healthy weight loss.

  • Sales and Marketing Representative
    • Description: The sales rep will help build a team of sales representatives to support the launch in the therapeutic area of nutritional supplements.  Sales Rep will be responsible for educating healthcare professionals and their staff about approved product indications, safety profile, and patient care in a manner designed to achieve established business objectives.  Demonstrated technical aptitude and computer skills are essential. Ability to learn, understand and communicate complex information. Self-starter with demonstrated initiative and ability to lead. Demonstrated effective organizational and communication skills.  If you have a proven record of sales success and the desire to have a positive impact in the healthcare field, we want to hear from you.

Healthcare Professionals Seeking Supplemental Income

A Girlfriends Health, a preventive Health/Wellness and Education Company is seeking independant, self motivated individuals who are looking to diversify their incomes. Oru proimary focus addresses nutritional strategies and coaching programs relationg to high cholesteral, Diabetes, Obesity, Women’s Health and Metabolic Syndrome. Our supplement was developed at Stanford University and has had extensive clinical testing at the prestigioun Cleveland Clinic.

Our supplement has been shown to:

DECREASE  LDL (Average of 31%) Women_Agree_More_with_Female_Doctors
INCREASE HDL (Average of 29%)
LOWER Triglycerides
 ENHANCE Weight Loss
SUPPORT Blood Sugar Control

And is Listed in the Physicians Desk Reference

The common interests with the group of people we work with are:

  1. A strong interest in preventive health and wellness education
  2. A desire to be more creative in their careers both professionally and financially

This can be blended right into your current work environment or done completely seperate on your timer off.

  • Part Time/Full Time
  • Bonus Incentive Programs
  • Car Program

Nurse Practitioners, Physicians, Dietitians, and Individuals in health related fields are welcome to apply. Please fill out the form below:


APPLICATION FOR EMPLOYMENT – fill out online, print and mail to:

Girlfriends Health

PO Box 476

Melbourne FL 32902