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Many of you have been hearing that Liver Essentials can amazingly help to facilitate the fat loss process while on Bios Life SLIM. Thank you to Angelo Coshigano for sending this reminder to me and for sharing this helpful “brief” about Liver Essentials.. It is a good idea to print this.. and even make copies for people that are on SLIM.

Study it so you understand it as well.

Liver Essentials?Go back in history as far as you can, and you’ll find that faithful gatekeepers played key roles in defending the world’s most important people. The tradition continues today. These stalwart individuals stand guard against any harm or danger that may threaten the very lives of those they are charged to protect.

We discover the same principle at work within our own bodies. The liver is a large organ that is critical in protecting the body from harmful substances. It serves as an attentive gatekeeper to the heart, preventing any harmful compounds from reaching the body’s most important organ. As a key component of the body’s detoxification process, a properly functioning liver also assists all other body organs and systems in performing better.

Ensuring that this faithful gatekeeper has the nutrients and support it needs to function properly can provide the safety and security our bodies need to feel their best.

Liver Essentials? contains several key ingredients that have been well researched and carefully examined. This proprietary U.S. patent-pending formula combines these cutting-edge ingredients into an effective formula targeted at making sure that the liver has the support it needs to be a powerful protector of the body’s health.*

When the liver operates efficiently and effectively, all other body organs and systems run more smoothly. The liver, which plays a crucial role in detoxification, carefully guards the heart, ensuring that harmful compounds are removed from the blood before ever reaching that critical organ. In addition, the liver works closely with the lungs, skin, colon, and kidneys in the process of eliminating waste materials, another important element of health and wellness.*

Research Brief

Activities of the Liver

The heaviest gland of the body, the liver, weighs about three pounds in the average adult and is the second largest organ of the body. (The skin is the body’s largest organ.) The liver is responsible for many vital functions.

The liver plays an essential role in maintaining normal blood glucose levels. When blood glucose levels are low, the liver kicks in and breaks down glycogen to glucose and then releases it into the bloodstream.

The liver also is able to convert certain amino acids, lactic acids, and other sugars, such as fructose and galactose, into glucose. The liver also breaks down fatty acids into acetyl coenzyme A (a process called beta oxidation), stores triglycerides, and converts excess acetyl coenzyme A into ketone bodies (ketogenesis). In addition, the liver synthesizes lipoproteins, which transport fatty acids, triglycerides, and cholesterol to and from various body cells.

The liver plays an essential role in protein metabolism, which includes important processes such as transamination, synthesizing plasma proteins, and converting toxic ammonia into urea, a much less toxic substance, which is excreted in the urine. The liver also absorbs bilirubin and secretes it into bile, which is then metabolized in the intestine by bacteria and eliminated from the body through bowel functions. The liver also serves as a storage facility for vitamins A, B12, D, E, and K, as well as copper and iron. Iron is released from the liver when it is needed throughout the body.


Q: How much milk thistle is found in the product?

A: Each capsule contains 40 mg of silybin phytosome.

Q: What is silybin phytosome?

A: Silybin phytosome is silybin from Milk Thistle that is bound to phosphatidylcholine.

Q: Can children take Liver Essentials??

A: It is recommended for adult use only.

Q: Is Liver Essentials? a preventative product?

A: Liver Essentials? is designed to be used by healthy individuals.


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Understanding Leptin Hormone

The World Health Organization has now classified obesity as a disease. It is often said that obesity is the biggest health problem facing the developed world today. It causes health problems such as hypertension, type II diabetes, heart attacks and strokes, elevated cholesterol and many more. Obesity is said to lead to 30,000 premature deaths each year and it is shortening the lives of people by an average of nine years.

Redux, in the 1980’s which sold 2 million prescriptions within the first 6 months of its launch in the US and which went on to be sold in 65 countries suppressed the appetite. However it was eventually taken off the market because of the effects it had on the heart. There are now only 2 drugs on the market in the UK- Xenical, which slows absorption of fat and Reductil, which suppresses the appetite. Both of these are prescription drugs, can have side affects and can only reduce weight slightly.

Several hormones are responsible for our eating habits. For example; Leptin and alpha-MSH are both appetite supressants. Cannaboids, neuropeptide Y, ghrelin and anandamid are all feeding stimulants.

One of the hormones being researched for this reducing weight is Leptin. Leptin is an appetite suppressant. It stops you eating too much as well as makes you more active so you burn off more energy.

It is produced by a specific gene found in fat cells called the obese (ob) gene. Small amounts of leptin are also secreted by cells in the epithelium, stomach and placenta. The amount of Leptin found in people increases as their body fat increases. There is also a higher concentration of mRNA in fat from obese compared to thin subjects. Leptin acts on receptors in the hypothalamus of the where it: The theory is that as you get fatter you also get less sensitive to the affects of Leptin. Leptin works on the body in the following ways:

  • counteracts the effects of neuropeptide Y(feeding stimulant secreted by cells in the gut wall and in the hypothalmus);
  • counteracts the affects of anandamid(another feeding stimulant that binds to the same receptors as THC the active ingredient of marijuana) resulting in inhibition of food intake
  • it also stimulates secretion of reproductive hormones such as gonadotrophin-releasing hormone and thus leutenizing and follicle stimulating hormone from the anterior pituitary.

Leptin also acts directly on the cells of the liver and skeletal muscles where it stimulates the oxidation of fatty acids in the mitochondria. This reduces the storage of fat in those tissues (but not in adipose [fat] tissue). Leptin receptors are also present in T lymphocytes.

In rare cases the gene that produces leptin or its receptors mutate. This can cause severe obesity and diabetes in certain individuals as well as in certain cases failure to reach puberty. However most people who are obese do not have a defective ob gene.

Leptin of humans has 146 amino acid sequence containing one disulphide bond.Its molecular weight is around 16 kDa. Leptin has 67% sequence identity among diverse species.

Leptin is a four-helix bundle with one very short strand segment and two relatively long interconnected loops. This is consistent with a classification as a cytokine four-helix bundle.

Formal Chemical Name (IUPAC)


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