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bioslifeslim_bannerSlim_canister_Box1Bios Life Slim™

Bios Life Slim™ is the revolutionary fat loss product to help you achive your health goals. For people on-the-go, take Bios Life Slim™ with you in pre-measured and sealed packets. 60 packets per box.buy_now


boosterpackBios Life Slim™ – Booster Pack

We recommend Lean Control Plus® System plus ChromaTone® are the perfect partners to boost your Slim™ results.




tea_aloeBios Life Slim™ – Cleanse Pack

Cleanse your system by adding either Aloe Vera capsules or Natures Tea to your first month of using Bios Life Slim™.



proteinBios Life Slim™ – Protein Pack

Increase the protein in your diet by adding Lean Complete® Meal Replacement.
Order two canisters for a 30-day supply.



blenderbottleSlim™ – Blender Bottle

Ready to shake things up? Get the latest with this on-the-go Slim- branded blender bottle – perfect for Slim, shakes or whatever needs mixing.