Childbirth Education and Choices

Welcome to the most special time of your life and to the miracle of birth.

The Rights of Childbearing Women.pdf

pregnant_happyYou are pregnant! Yeah, how exciting. This will be the most amazing experience you will ever have.

And you have a lot of questions:

  • What do we do now?
  • What do we have to learn?
  • Who will we trust with the care of our pregnancy?

With all the conflicting information in the news, shared by your friends, family and health-care providers, it’s no wonder you are so confused as to what to do. The simple answer is… the right thing to do is what is right for you!

Too many childbirth educators and health-care providers pressure women into how they should handle their pregnancy, labor, pain management techniques and even how we raise our children. So, do you get an epidural or not! What are doulas? Should I have a home birth? The truth is, there are bountiful options and possibilities available to our expectant couples and it is the sole responsibility of the childbirth community to convey all of these options to pregnant women and their support team.

Girlfriends Health combines and teaches several fact-based childbirth curriculum and encourages expectant women to make decisions that are right for them based on the knowledge of choices. This includes teaching risks and benefits of all options. Why should you consider taking a childbirth educational class with Girlfriends instead of your local hospital? Almost every hospital serving pregnant women will offer some form of prenatal education. These classes often do not provide the intimate, individualized curriculum that are offered by private childbirth educators.

At Girlfriends, you will never be in a group class with more than 3 other couples and our pre-class questionnaires help our instructors to tailor our classes to best meet your learning needs. Further more, Girlfriends takes this personal approach even further by specializing in private, in-home sessions that are specifically built around your learning needs and busy schedule. And the guidance doesn’t stop once the class is over. If you have questions following our class sessions, Girlfriends instructors will always make themselves available for consultation via email or telephone.