Women’s Health

A woman’s health is highly influenced by the culture in which she lives, her position within it, her experiences, and her day-to-day thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors.
All of us must acknowledge our female heritage and then have the courage to transform it in order to create lives of vibrant health and joy.  We carry in our bodies, not only our own pain but, unconsciously, that of our mothers and grandmothers.

The good news is that regardless of our individual circumstances, our past, or our age, each of us has inner guidance available, which we can tune into to create vibrant health daily.  We are born with this inner guidance, and it comes in the form of the desire for a better life, a good education, more love, more joy, and more fulfillments everyday.

If our health is being unconsciously and adversely influenced by a subconscious belief that we are not good enough or that it’s a woman’s lot in life to suffer, then, improving habits and diet is not enough to effect a permanent cure for conditions that have been present for a long time.  So, Following a special diet or running four miles a day is only a temporary fix and won’t provide the vibrant health and joy we seek.

Nothing is more empowering, than when we finally make the connection between our thoughts, our beliefs, life issues (also known as baggage) and our physical health.  Until that happens, we are not in the driver seat of our lives.

We hope that the services and support at Girlfriends will inspire and empower women to begin the healing process, and as each of us does this, the world – and our health – changes for the better.