Breastfeeding Resources

At Girlfriends Health, we are committed to supporting mothers who wish to breastfeed their babies but who may require special assistance or instruction. A Lactation Consultant is a health care professional who provides education, support and guidance when challenging breastfeeding situations occur. The Lactation Consultant provides feeding assistance in order to monitor baby’s weight gain and breastfeeding success. By offering private consultation with a board certified Lactation Consultant, Girlfriends Health can help with feeding plans to increase milk supply or supplement baby, provide breast feeding supplies to aid in latch-on, or assist with pumping until mom and baby are successfully breastfeeding.

You may want to consider seeking breastfeeding help if you’re are experiencing any of the following concerns:

2 to 7 days: Tender nipples, sore breasts, engorgement, baby sleeping “all the time”, or baby “not content”

2 to 3 weeks: Sore/damaged nipples, low milk supply, unexplained crying or colic

6 to 12 weeks: Adjusting to feeding and sleeping patterns, pumping and storing breastmilk, returning to work or school

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For further information, Click Here to download Reflections on Women’s Health – Breastfeeding & Support PDF by Jila J. Spear, RN, PhD.