Choosing Your Birth Plan

Workshop – The Birth Plan

During your pregnancy you’ll be faced with many decisions, including birth options and delivery. You also will need to consider if you will be breastfeeding your baby, and, if you have a boy, whether to circumcise your son.*

Couples, especially those having a first baby, frequently ask for advice in completing their birth plan. Although the format is self-explanatory, the answers can vary widely. It will benefit you to think about what kind of birth you’d like to have and what is important to you. Childbirth classes and reading can also help you with your planning. Also please remember that this is a plan. It is an expression of your wishes for the birth of your baby. It’s not a contract; you may change your preferences at any time, just as the circumstances of your labor may unexpectedly cause you to make additional decisions. If medical circumstances prevent you from following your desired birth plan, your physician and/or other caregivers will discuss your options in advance to facilitate safe and timely care for you and your baby.

*If you have already completed a birth plan and turned it in, discuss and share it with your obstetrician/gynecologist. You can make any major changes to it at a prenatal conference with a doula, or simply make your changes known when you arrive at the hospital in labor. One good way to think about the birth plan is to answer these questions as you imagine yourself in labor and giving birth to your child.

What is important to you at this time? What thoughts come to your mind? Is a peaceful, darkened room important to you? Do you or your partner have any health concerns we should be aware of during stress? Do you have any strong feelings about certain things? Are there any fears or concerns you may have based on someone else’s birth or a previous birth yourself?

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