Frequently Asked Questions – Mind/Body Program

  1. Is the 10-week program covered by insurance?
    It depends on your healthcare plan. Many insurance companies will offer partial reimbursement for this program if you have out of network benefits or flexible spending benefits. We encourage you to talk with your insurance company representative. We will be happy to provide you with a form you can submit to your insurance company.
  2. What time does the program start and can I arrive late?
    The program start time varies from group to group but is usually held in the evening for your convenience. The first half hour of every group is reserved for an optional sharing and support session. The remaining time focuses on the mind body program.
  3. Do I need to sign-up for the entire 10-weeks or can I just come to some of the classes?
    You must commit to the entire 10-week program when you sign-up. Continuity is important to enhance both the information and peer support offered by the group experience.
  4. I’m not a group type person. How touchy feely is this?
    While there is a half hour of optional sharing time at the beginning of each session, the rest of the time is structured to provide information, i.e., relaxation techniques, nutrition, exercise, etc. If you don’t feel like you are a group person, you can simply skip the sharing/support time.
  5. What if my schedule does not accommodate the program hours?
    A 5 week individual program and weekend workshops are also available. Participating in the 10-week program is recommended for the peer support of other women but we understand that this is not possible for everyone.
  6. Must partners participate?
    Partners are strongly encouraged to attend three of the ten sessions, but this participation is optional. However, there is great benefit in involvement. Not only do they benefit from techniques taught, such as relaxation methods and the couples’ paired listening exercise. In addition, they gain key insight to what their partner is really going through.
  7. What happens if I need to miss a session?
    Most people need to miss a session or two since ten weeks is a long stretch of time. We ask that you not miss more than two. At the first session, a buddy is assigned to you. This person is there not only to support you emotionally during the program should you need it, but also to take notes for you should you need to miss a session. The group leaders are also there to answer any questions. In addition, you receive materials at the beginning of the program, which provide enough background information that you can catch up easily by perusing them.
  8. What if I am not pursuing any medical treatment at this time?
    That’s fine. You may participate in the program while taking a break from medical treatment. Also, our program is well-suited for participants who have chosen to take a more “natural” approach to resolving their infertility issues.