Experience Health Coaching

With Annmarie Waite, PhD

It's personal. It's confidential. It's all about YOU. 

Looking at your daily habits, your likes and your dislikes, Dr. Waite will help you develop a plan that will help you achieve your desired health and wellness goals in a time frame that is both achievable and sustainable.

While your physician is expertly trained to diagnosis and treat disease, a health coach focuses on what you want to create more of - health, vibrancy and vitality.


Whether its the foods you eat, your inactivity, or stress level, with Dr. Waite you'll evaluate those areas which most need your attention and once adjusted have the greatest impact on your well-being.

In the comfort and privacy of your home,  you'll complete a series of assessments. Dr. Waite will review and private sessions by phone review her findings and co-create a plan. Through periodic sessions and support you'll work toward milestones and achieve goals you once thought overwhelming.


Try a free, no-obligation session to experience the possibilities. Sign up here.  https://www.girlfriendshealth.com/book-online

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