Happy Solstice and Holiday greetings!

We are crossing over. I can’t believe that Christmas is in full swing, and the New Year is around the corner. I am thankful that we have reached the end of this year because this year is different than any year in all our lives. So many people stepped out of their comfort zones to save others, to feed, and help others this year. And for some, there is a lot of grief and loss. I know that many of our families, friends, and neighbors are struggling. Grief, loss, and pain may overshadow some of the joys of this holiday season. I am so sorry if you find yourself feeling this kind of desolation and sorrow.

The height of the darkness is upon us and we are hopeful for brighter days ahead. This is a potent time of year to reconnect and realign ourselves with the flow and rhythm of the natural world. It’s a time of renewal, the ending of one cycle and the beginning of another.

Unlike the holiday seasons of previous years, we may not have many social engagements or travel in our plans, however, my story is not over and neither is yours. Our story has so many beautiful chapters in it that are yet to be written so let’s practice being open and to widen our gaze, open our hearts, and drop the critical voice that challenges the storyline you want for yourself.

How are you celebrating this year? This is a question I have seen posted on social media and the responses are interesting so I would love to hear from you as well.

I thank you for being here and sticking with me through this difficult year. I appreciate your support through membership, donations, and participation.

In peace and with deep gratitude,


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