New moon = new beginning

The new moon represents new beginnings and is a prime time for manifestation and intention-setting. New moons in astrology mark the beginning of a new lunar cycle, and while you may not be able to see the moon very clearly during this phase of the moon, its energy is just as powerful as any other time of the month.

The next new moon (which is the last one this year) is coming up on December 14, and it's also a solar eclipse — which means we could experience some sudden endings or beginnings that shake up our current trajectory. The December 2020 new moon takes place in Sagittarius, which offers us a chance to look inward at our belief system, philosophies, and the way we want to connect with our global communities. While eclipses aren't a good time to make moves, it's an ideal moment for reflecting on how the events of 2020 have re-shaped your worldview. Use that introspective information as a personal compass as you navigate the new moon changes that lie ahead.

Take some time this week to set your intentions for the holiday season. It’s easy to get caught up in family traditions or cultural stories about what you should or should not do, what you should give, where you should go, and what you should eat. Instead, get clear on what feels right for you. Make the choice to be guided by love and rise above guilt and obligations as motivating factors. Make a vow to be true to yourself in all ways and to set boundaries (financial, dietary, and social) that feels right to you.

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