Wishing COVID-19 would go away.

We know the strain of recent events may be starting to take its toll. The Coronavirus is a scary thing to be sure, and it just won't go away. Here is one way we can help.

This is a mask. It is not a political statement. We wear it to prevent the spread of

COVID-19 to others. We don’t know how many people have the virus and are either pre-symptomatic or asymptomatic or how much it can spread in these stages. Wearing a mask will reduce 95% of the droplets that can be carried 6 feet in the air. USA Today cited a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association, which revealed that “liquid droplets from sneezes, coughs and just exhaling can travel more than 26 feet and linger in the air for minutes.” That being said, it’s scary to see people at the gym exercising without a mask.

Wear a mask to protect yourself: You don’t know how many people you will come in contact with who have the virus so wearing a mask will protect you, as well. If your mask is not an N95 mask, it still gives you some level of protection. Austria saw its daily infections drop by 90% after making them compulsory! Many studies have determined that masks, in general, offer more protection than no mask at all. By the way, be sure to cover your nose with your mask as your nose is part of your respiratory system. Remember it’s a face mask, not a chin mask.

Face masks help to reduce the number of times you touch your face, which on average can be up to 52 times every day. Every time we touch our face we can carry infectious agents from whatever we just touched to areas around the nose and mouth where bacteria can enter your mucous membranes and increase your risk of contracting the virus.

Wearing a face mask is not a substitute for social distancing and good hygiene. Reducing your exposure to the virus is still the best way to avoid transmission.

Hang in there, de-stress, and stay well!

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