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Strong Bond. Strong Women.

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Creative, intelligent, fashionable, nerdy, shy or boisterous; every woman is a daughter that makes choices that shapes who we are and will become.


Mothers, quite experienced daughters themselves, have unique perspectives on not just being a daughter, but also the influences that will help daughters decide on the  kinds of women  they choose to be. Maternal influence, and the resources moms provide to their daughters, contribute greatly to the internal compass that daughters draw upon as they develop, guiding them from the first day of preschool to choices and challenges they meet along life’s path.  A lot of Mothers get that, and are better for it.

At Girlfriends Health, we support women as they raise healthy, strong and confident daughters.  We offer annual programs for moms and daughters to attend together and lear about topics of interest to both. Other benefits are to foster communication and to celebrate this extraordinary bond.

Check here and on our Facebook page for information on the next program which will be held Fall 2018.


Providing Access to Resources for Mothers & Daughters


Girlfriends Guild is pleased to offer unique sponsorship opportunities to organizations with missions and services that align with the goals of the event and themes of the program. Sponsors may provide support for the overall event, or choose themed sessions that are relevant to products or services they provide. Every participant takes part in all of the sessions.  


The Mother Daughter Bond is an online community that also hosts educational sessions throughout the year to strengthen the network and provide access to valuable resources for girls and women.  

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