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Dr. Annmarie Waite, Health Coach
Health Coach Institute, Official Certification, Health Coach
Health Coach Institute, Official Certification, Life Coach


Meet Dr. Annmarie Waite

Annmarie Waite, Ph.D., RN, A.R.N.P., is the CEO and founder of Girlfriends Health and Girlfriends Guild and specializes in Women's Health as a Certified Health & Life Coach.


She received her doctorate in nursing research and education from Barry University. Before earning her doctorate, Dr. Waite completed a women’s health residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami. She received her undergraduate and graduate training from the University of Miami and she has served abroad in South East Asia as a travel nurse.


With her own family history of heart disease, she sought answers and refused to accept the same fate simply because it runs in the family. Her life experiences as a traveling nurse and her studies led her to face her fears and find a better way, a solution that works.


She is the creator of the Fabulous 50 Total Transformation program and focuses powerfully on feminine intelligence through her health coaching as the catalyst for life-changing results.


As a wife with 2 grown children and a demanding career, she is applying these pillars for success and living her best life. She enjoys traveling, loves to have karaoke parties, enjoys theater, and thinks cardiovascular exercise is fun.


Now it's your turn! Are you ready to reclaim your health and start living your best life?

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