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There’s a big difference between deciding and doing. If you're ready to get in the driver’s seat of your life, let’s talk about the tiny actions you will take to create your best life.


Don’t wait for 100% readiness. It will never come. If you’re afraid of where your numbers will take you, then, you’re ready.


If you’re afraid of giving up the foods you love, you’re ready for coaching and what Fabulous 50 TTP can do for you.


Change does not have to be hard.


StepIt Up!


Program Starts June 2024

This program is for you, if...

  • You're ready to take steps towards better health

  • You're ready to start the new year on the right foot


According to science, walking improves your overall health by...

  • Reducing the risk of heart disease and stroke

  • Improving balance

  • Strengthening bones and reducing the risk of age-related bone loss

  • Lower the risk of high blood pressure, cholesterol, and diabetes

  • See links below to learn more.


Walking is a fantastic low-impact exercise that can help you lose weight, stay active, and be social too!


It’s the most essential thing we do every day and is one of the healthiest. If you can walk outdoors or on a treadmill for 28 minutes daily, you will gain endurance and other rewards such as increased cardiovascular fitness and risk reduction of certain diseases.

And the good news is that you can walk to avoid gaining excess pounds or for weight loss; it is easy to implement walking into a workout routine. It can be done anywhere, it’s low impact, and no exercise equipment is required.


The Step It Up program is over 28 days using three types of walking plus (4) 1:1 coaching sessions, once per week.

  • Steady Walk: think of this like running errands in a hurry, aiming at the 20-minute mile (or an avg. of 3 miles per minute)

  • Brisk Walk: a walk where you’re a bit out of breath but can keep the pace for the entire time. Add in intervals of quicker speeds with slower speeds and hills from time to time.

  • Power Walk: the highest level of walking, you’ll use your arms (and weights, if you have them) for full power the entire time. You can add in hills and elevation gain as well if you choose.

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.”

Our life is a journey in which we have dreams, plans, and goals. We walk to have a happy journey because when the journey is worthwhile and enjoyable, we realize there is no path to happiness –happiness is the path.

"...the areas of my life that benefited the most from my time with Annmarie are my career, self-confidence, and future planning... I learned how important it is to invest in yourself. That kind of support was unbelievably massive."

Claudia B. – Dayton, OH

Reference links for Science mentioned above:

Heart Disease, Strengthening Bones, BP, Cholesterol, Diabetes

Beach Vacation

This is your time!

Let's explore your possibilities!

Schedule a free, no-obligation 60 minutes Clarity Call and I'll personally walk you through my proven process.


Here's what to expect...

  • We'll uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from living your best life!

  • We'll develop a powerful vision for what the healthiest, happiest version of you looks like!

  • We'll discover which foods and lifestyle habits are zapping your energy... and what to do about it!

  • We'll get crystal clear on a step-by-step plan to see the changes you have been seeking, come to life for you so you can go from surviving to thriving in 90 days or less!

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