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Hello November!

Time sure isn’t stopping for anyone these days, and if we don’t take a moment to stop and feel the air cycling through our lungs, it surely will slip through us even faster. So, I invite you to take an exhale with me…

right now, at this moment.

The energy of our world is far from peaceful and definitely not easy. We all can sense it in one way or another. But it is during these uneasy and challenging times that we must heed the call inward further than we have gone before - To re-kindle our light within and bring it forward in contribution and offering to the global collective energy of peace.

I invite you to reflect upon this idea and think about what helps you feel that familiar inner warmth and comfort.

  • Is it your time with yourself on a yoga mat?

  • Is it a moment of connection to Nature?

Perhaps the process takes many forms in your life, time with family and loved ones, a morning routine, or a sport or a hobby you often lose yourself in.

To each of us, the access to our inner authentic tranquility and flow is different.

So, let's each bring our awareness this month to all that help us nurture peace inside.

One way to do this is to use the ancient Verdic mantra “Om Shanti Shanti shanti Om” used in meditation and yoga to promote peace in the body and mind. Om means the whole world, while shanti means peace. It is recommended that “shanti” is repeated 3 times -

Because only then can we share it outward.

To all those who are hurting right now. All those that are healing right now. It is my belief that all beings of this world deserve to live in peace and happiness.

Let's make this a beautiful November, friends. And shine as brightly as we can.

I would love to hear from you in the comments if you are familiar with meditation and chants and how it is working for you!



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