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How to refill your energy tank

Issue: Feeling tired or emotionally depleted?

Why did this happen? Your current habits/activities/lifestyle is not in alignment with you being your best self. And if we continue to participate in activities that are consistently depleting our energy, it leaves us more susceptible to partaking in activities that move us further away from living our best life. Have you ever noticed how certain activities can leave you feeling invigorated and inspired, while other activities leave you feeling physically or emotionally depleted?Best solution

When we feel tired or lack energy, we start making poor choices. However, on the other hand, when you feel uplifted and positive, you will be able to make more conscious choices for yourself in every area of life.

Start by noticing which activities leave you feeling energized and which ones deplete your energy. Take a few moments to visualize yourself doing an energy-giving activity.

Now imagine yourself moving into action.

Feel the corners of your lips turn upwards into a slight smile as you have given yourself this time to recharge.

Feel your body and mind fully engaged with the activity.

Notice any feelings or sensations coming up for you.

Where do you feel them most present in your body? How are you breathing? What is the position of your spine?

You may feel a subtle, clear energy emerging in your body with each second you spend doing what you know gives you vitality.

Take a deep breath in, and a big, audible exhale.

Now I am going to ask you to fast-forward your vision to where you have completed the activity and imagine going on your next interaction.

Maybe it is meeting with friends, seeing a coworker, or having dinner with your family. How do you show up?

Can you feel and see your energy level? What is different because you took this time for yourself to engage in an activity that refuels you?

Take a deep breath in and scan your surroundings to notice anything important. Are there any lessons that might be here for you?

Over the next week, I encourage you to observe your behavior WITHOUT JUDGMENT! Only curiosity. Through curiosity, we can access thoughts, emotions, and options to help us move in the direction of our desired state of being. Judgment on the other hand shuts us down, prevents us from being able to make choices that are to our advantage, and can even fuel more negative habits.

So, as you go through your day, just notice the choices you are making:

You can say to yourself “Hmmm… isn’t it interesting that I am choosing ____.

What is the experience that I’m going for by making this choice?” (No judgment – just curiosity).

Finally, when you think about integrating your energy-giving activity, what would you say needs to be in place to ensure you can do that? Take some time and write it down. Better yet, is there someone who could hold you accountable?

In closing, I‘d like to leave you with one of my favorite quotes from Dr. Sue Morter,You don’t have energy… You ARE energy and fully capable of embodying the highest frequencies of consciousness.”

Reach out to to learn more. I'm happy to help!



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