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What is Your Life Purpose?

Updated: Aug 12, 2023

1. Adjust Your Mindset – Instead of focusing on the negative aspects of aging or expectations that life should be a certain way, look for the positives, be grateful for something each day, and have an open mind. Sometimes new opportunities are right before you if you just allow yourself to be open to seeing them. Practicing meditation can help you achieve this.

2. Be creative – The process of creating something can often bring you purpose in and of itself. Even if not, it can help you become more in tune with yourself, making it easier to identify where you might find purpose. Options include painting, dancing, writing, playing music, or any creative activity you might enjoy. If one doesn’t come to mind, check your local community centers for classes they may have available.

3. Take Stock – Engage in a bit of self-reflection and think about your strengths and abilities. Also, consider the foods, books, movies, and hobbies you enjoy or the types of people you are drawn to. Then explore what attracts you to these things and how you might be able to expand on them to help you find a purpose.

4. Keep Learning – There’s a saying, “You don’t know what you don’t know.” That certainly applies here and makes the case for widening your horizons with continued learning to help find purpose. This could be a new skill, a new language, learning about different cultures, going back to school, or even learning new recipes, learning to garden – it’s not necessarily the difficulty; it’s the effort you make.

5. Make a Difference – It’s often the case that finding purpose is as easy as finding a way to give back to others. This could be through spending a day (once a week) with the grandkids, volunteering for a cause near and dear to your heart, helping neighbors in need, or getting involved in your local community somehow. It’s also a great way to connect with friends and family; you may make some new friends.



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