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Prediabetes Risk Test Results

Test Results

Here's what your results mean.

If you scored 5 or higher...


You're likely to have prediabetes, but only your doctor can diagnose it for sure. Share your results with your doctor and ask for a simple blood test to confirm them.  


Small changes make a big difference. Losing 10 – 14 pounds has been proven to decrease the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes by 58%.

Dr. Annmarie Waite is here to guide you on the right path! Schedule a free clarity call to see if her programs are right for you!

If you scored 4 or less...


You have a Low Risk of prediabetes. Keep up the good work! These healthy habits will help keep your risk low:

  •     Get at least 150 minutes of physical activity a week.

  •     Keep your weight in a healthy range.

  •     Eat healthy foods, including lots of fruits and veggies.

  •     Drink more water and fewer sugary drinks.

  •     Don’t smoke.

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"Here's to releasing the old, pressing reset, amplifying gratitude, letting go of judgment, embracing beauty, and enjoying your aliveness!"

XOXO  Dr. Annmarie Waite


This is your time!

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