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Reclaim your health, live your best life.

BE the healthiest YOU with DR. ANNMARIE WAITE

Health Quiz

At risk for Prediabetes

Do you know if you're at risk for prediabetes? Take this 30 second health quiz to find out.

Dr. Annmarie Waite, Health Coach, Melbourne, Florida

Hi, I'm

You have accomplished many things in your life including a career and family, and yet your own health and happiness have always come second if at all

You’ve tried a lot of things to improve your health but nothing ever sticks and you're not sure it ever will

You fear it could be too late to change the trajectory of your health because your family wasn’t able to, it’s just part of your DNA

You feel trapped in an endless trade-off between handling your day-to-day responsibilities and your lack of control and freedom

You just want to feel great again and know that you’re making healthy choices that will have lasting results for the quality of your life and future

At times you feel lucky and try to convince yourself it’s all okay, yet deep down you’re scared of what you haven’t faced about your health that may never change

It wasn’t supposed to feel this way…

Even though we haven’t met yet, I bet I know a few key things about you…

If any (or all) of these describe you, I have news for you...


You're not  Alone...

I see you. I was you. And I’m here to tell you, there is a healthy way for you too.

Imagine if...

You can change the trajectory of your health, despite your DNA

You feel healthier and stronger, and you flow from one area of your life to the next

You control your health — instead of your health controlling you

You can manage the pace of your life—and your demanding schedule no longer owns you

You have the energy to enjoy relationships again

You’re confident that you’re making healthy choices every day and it's easy

You celebrate small wins each day becoming more one with yourself and creating a healthy lifestyle fit for you

You have a level of health that is enviable, and you’re proud of how you fit in your jeans

Now your success not only looks great on the outside—it feels great too. This is what it was supposed to feel like. Now you ARE the healthiest YOU! Well done!

There’s another way - the Fabulous 50 Total Transformation program can help.


What Clients Say

"Annmarie is a health coach who is gifted at helping those who are overwhelmed and at risk of burning out. She will get them thriving so they can move past survival mode and start living again!"
Linda Cobb – The Coaching Company, Melbourne, FL
Beach Vacation

This is your time!

Let's explore your possibilities!

Schedule a free, no-obligation 60 minutes Clarity Call and I'll personally walk you through my proven process.


Here's what to expect...

  • We'll uncover what’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from living your best life!

  • We'll develop a powerful vision for what the healthiest, happiest version of you looks like!

  • We'll discover which foods and lifestyle habits are zapping your energy... and what to do about it!

  • We'll get crystal clear on a step-by-step plan to see the changes you have been seeking, come to life for you so you can go from surviving to thriving in 90 days or less!

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