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Girlfriends’ Health Holiday Tips

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us, and Christmas is just around the corner, I have been thinking of ways to avoid the holiday pitfalls over this next stretch of festive meals with family and friends.

The extra hustle and bustle can make it difficult to maintain healthy habits. I have learned that repetitive behaviors done consistently are easier to maintain than those that we do sporadically. Don’t get me wrong, I am all for taking time to relax and wind down during the holidays, but my goal is to stick to the plan that’s working so well for me.

If that’s your goal as well, here are some tips to help you maintain that commitment for yourself. I believe the best ode to you is the one that honors and protects you right now.

First, let me invite you to spend this next week preparing to treat yourself well through the holidays. The flurry has already started with anticipation and preparation, and it won’t let up until after the new year. Consider this week your “dress rehearsal.” Use this week to create a foundation for more resilience to carry you through. Think about what your best habits are and how you can commit to keeping active during the frenzy.

What are three practices you do for yourself that make you feel awesome?

Write them down and stick that piece of paper in a place where you will see it daily, on your computer, the bathroom mirror, the refrigerator, etc.

Next, how about maintaining at least two of those practices in your daily routine every day until the new year?

Here’s the best tip: don’t make these practices lofty! This is not the time to run a 5K. Do little things like the following:

  • Drink more water throughout the day

  • Do oil pulling when you brush your teeth in the morning or night

  • Do 5 minutes of yoga stretches in the morning

  • Start the day with a breakfast that makes you feel like a champion

  • Unwind with an Epsom salt bath at night

  • Keep a gratitude journal and list 3-5 things you are grateful for each night

Holidays are meant to be fun and enjoyable so be realistic, you are only one person, and you can only do so much. Give thanks for everything and everyone that makes your life beautiful. Paying tribute to yourself feels much better when tending to your best practices.

Wishing you happy holidays and a healthy 2024!



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