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May is Mental Health Awareness Month

Updated: May 26


Since its inception in 1949, Mental Health Awareness Month has been a cornerstone of addressing the challenges faced by millions of Americans living with mental health conditions. At Girlfriends Health, we invite you to join us in fostering open dialogues and cultivating empathy and understanding for individuals and families on their journey toward mental wellness.

Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

To extend support and foster public education, I am happy to share this Free eBook from one of my mentors, Dr Sue Morter. I like Dr. Sue a lot because everything I hear from her is so powerful and I have received so many answers from her about how the Universe works.  Her new free eBook, "3 Simple Steps to Refresh, Restore, and Radiate, " is designed to empower individuals to revitalize their minds, body, and spirit.

In a world that demands so much, these steps serve as a beacon to reignite your inner spark and reclaim your passion for life. It goes beyond the physical and taps into the energy within, unlocking your true self and achieving vibrant energy flow and inner harmony.

In this ebook, you'll embark on a journey of self-discovery, restoration, and the authentic expression of your true authentic self – you may find that there is a hidden healer within. 

Here's a glimpse of what to expect:

  • You’ll discover techniques to invigorate your senses and replenish your energy. 

  • From revitalizing mindfulness exercises to rejuvenating movement practices, you'll awaken your body and mind to heightened levels of vitality and awareness.

  • You’ll dive into essential practices of restoration, nurturing your inner well-being and replenishing your reserves. 

  • Explore the role of stress in our lives, cultivate nurturing self-care habits, and learn how to heal the "blocks" in your system.

  • You’ll harness the power of your refreshed and restored energy to emanate vibrancy outward. Fuel your body with wholesome nutrition, connect to the healing power of nature, and activate the transformative power of love. Leave a lasting legacy of vitality by aligning with your authentic passions and embracing ongoing growth and transformation.

I'm thrilled to share this incredible resource with you. Download your free copy of "Three Simple Steps to Refresh, Restore, and Radiate".

Remember you are not alone, and there are things you can do to support your emotional well-being. 

I would love to hear from you in the comments – what are some activities and things you enjoy doing to take care of your mental health and well-being?



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